Rat Sass Band

Meet the band

 Iggy Rae Vicious, 
A native of Wisconsin and virtual "road dog", is letting the jam out of the jar! After years of paying dues and refining skills on stages all over the country, Iggy has landed in his home state. Five years in Los Angeles, a long association with "The Alimony Blues Band" here in Wisconsin, and ten years in Austin, Texas with the honor and distinction of recording a CD with Double Trouble under his belt, it's time now for Iggy Rae and company to kick some serious butt!

As a result of a few years back in the mid-west, playing a few hundred shows with RAT SASS and a number of other bands as a hired gun, Iggy has assembled a roster of excellent players and performers to unleash upon the masses.

  Jim Bandt
Professional Drummer since age 12.  Jim was a member of national touring act and Plasticland recording artist  Lezlie Thriller, midwest hard rock favorites Rok Sally, original hard rock band Tara Mara, and Hard Knocks recording artist Mission Blue. Jim has been seen on MTV and heard on radio stations across the country.  Jim was also a member of the world champion Madison Scouts drum corp. Jim currently also plays with the band Reloaded


Greg Norman 

Greg has played bass in rock bands for over a quarter of a century.  Performing music ranging from aggressive punk and metal to soulful blues and jazz, he's put thousands of miles on vans in the U.S. and Europe.  Supporting Iggy with harmonies or taking the lead vocal himself, Greg locks in the groove with Jim, and rocks it all night long.  Former member of  touring and recording act Pachinko.  Greg is also a current member Full Vinyl Treatment a modern heavy rock band. 

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